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"Paradise for eyes and rest for the soul"
Vlasina lake landscape is of exquisite natural beauty and climate
characteristics. It is located in south-east part of Serbia on the very border
with Bulgaria. It's uniqueness in Europe is the location on altitude
exceeding 1200m, making its particularly attractive for numerous tourists,
especially sportsmen who use it for altitude preparations before important
competitions. Mountain peak Cemernik with the highest level of 1638m is
rising above the lake, offering gorgeous view hundreds kilometers around.

Vlasina lake has all four seasons during the year. Summer temperatures are
above +30C, and during winter they drop to -20C with snow depth over 1m.
During the winter, lake is completely frozen, and ice thickness allows the
cars to cross over it.

Vlasina lake is a typical example of the country failing to exploit its natural
resources, because this region is neglected and completely undeveloped in
terms of tourism, regardless of all competitive advantages it has comparing
to similar locations in the world.

Internet portal NETBRE.INFO whose owner origins from this region,
initiated advertising campaign in order to find the investor capable of
making capital investments into development of tourism of this attractive

It is necessary to build chain of high-category hotels with all necessary
accompanying touristic infrastructures. Likewise, plans foresee building of
exclusive golf courses, football fields, polo fields, skiing terrains, spa
centers, marines for boats and yachts, building small airport, etc.

Current infrastructure includes the following: first class road, fist class
water and 4 hydro electric power stations. It is distant only 30km from main

It is our free estimate that it would be preferable to primarily make
emphasize on sport and congress tourism due to attractiveness of location.
With good advertising it is possible to attract wealthy European football
clubs which would regularly perform altitude preparations and become
permanent guests.

It is necessary to transform Vlasina lake into jet-set location with exclusive
villas with fantastic view of the lake. It is possible to choose any form of
tourism, because this location has unique combination of mountain and
lake on high altitude with numerous crystal clear mountain springs. Word
renowned company Coca-Cola recognized this natural resource and build
water factory on Vlasina, whose product is sold in European countries
under brand name "Rosa".

If you are interested in investing in Vlasina lake, you can contact us through
e-mail given on our portal. We will be very happy to answer all of your
questions, and provide you with necessary information. We have
conceptual master development plan designed by renowned agency.

If Coca-Cola could make investments here, why couldn't YOU? Be the first
one and occupy good positions, because this campaign is just starting.

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